Monday, November 9, 2009


WELL, currently i am kind of thinking of things as a general person would you know as in wht they would want to become,jobs, affairs, relationships. It's just to much for a 17 or a 34 girl to take.. I mean what happened to those amazing guys that just loved you for you! and not the SEX. I mean if you go to America you can more of sex than a relationship, but i just feel tht Malaysia isn't my place. I HAVE TO GET OUT. not meaning education wise, cause i doubt i am that capable enough. BUT just leave and visit people MEN actual MEN, i am just tired and literally exausted about the life and for me there isn't any adventure anymore. Cause i am practically stuck in a prison hole here and my life is not FREE. Well i realised tht i mean guys and friends here are totally diffrent and i can't stand being here being ME here. I AM LIKE A SHELL AND I WANT TO GET OUT.

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