Monday, December 17, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Well first i would like to wish my friends a Happy Christmas and a Joyful New Year!!!XD,

WEll i finally finished decorating my Christmas Tree and it was exhausting!!!! i mean very tiring, my sis just stood there and watch everything !!! I mean come on!

Well i know that she just wants to be there cause of the company and all but then she could help right?

Well maybe i am just exaggerating a bit, she did help.........

In her own way XD

Well then that's everything!!!

Now i am on my way wrapping gifts LOL!

Oh yea and then i bought these cuteee!! shoes!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hello i know i won't be having anytime posting my Christmas Post sooo i might as well get done with it hahahaha.... So here goes..

So next week Sis and I are gonna put up the Christmas Tree! HAHAAH at last man... i have been waiting for this day...(kononnya so exited lah), Well every year it's the same decoration on the tree, the red colour boxes and the big Angel at the top for an exchange for a Star.... since the star can't be stuck on the top of the tree. It will just slant down... hahahaha. Then we have to decorate the whole house... that's only the tree.. and my dad has this Snow Village in the storeroom that he just bought but i have a feeling we might put it up this year and HAHAHa at the same time Christmas music will be playing..... along ... i think i am gonna make it one of the besst Christmas ever...... *jumping around like a crazy person*.

Then we are gonna go Christmas shopping let me seee i think i should write down the list here .... i got alot of relatives.... so here goes...

My family!
i think it would be a very very long list i don't think i should write it down HAHAAH ... i think
overall i got 200 people i have to buy gifts cause my father has extended relatives..... HAHAAHA tht means more presents and gifts for me !!!!!! and my sis lah *evil smile*

Then i have to go for my Caroling practises and yea .... so fun lah.... cause there will be some people there that i really really want to see... and i think Hazim knows who it is since i was talking about it the whole freakin time!*laughing like crazy now.*So we are gonna be singing all the usual songs but i was suggesting to the teacher to sing the Aly & Aj "The Jingle Bell Rock'' hahaahahah.. he said it could be possible if we sing our other songs right and properly....

So then the next thing on my list is... the food... well every year we have a Christmas Party like a BIG Christmas Party.... so every year i have to prepare the Menu for the party and every year i would come up with the same thing .....
Fried Sausages with Toppings,
Fried Chicken(very spicy)
The Main Course
Claypot Taufu(MY sis fav)
Fried Butte Prawns
Fried Mee HOOn(cause my couz can't eat anything else)
Vegetables..... alot
ICE- CREAM hahaahaahaa then
Midnight open gifts and gossip gossip gossip all day lone abt the presents we got HAHAA
*byee byeee*

Sunday, December 2, 2007