Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well hi everybody it took me like forever to convince my mum to let me use the com.. so gosh now it is the time. Well alot of things have been going on lately and i don't intend to reveal a few down right embarrassing and funny moments... but well i don't give a damn so here goes.. well i got hurt got bruised got annoyed got crazy and got really really pissed with somebody. I had my funny and crazy days listening to my Ipod picking songs according to my crazy bombastic moods and scary nightmares well yeap i think my life and everybody around me has had that downright crazy and scary moments and i think that many of my friends scared the heck out of me during the exams i mean suddenly Michelle's studies.. and then i study.. lol then sean is like I AM A SMART GUY SO I DON'T HAVE TO STUDY and i am like GOSH I REALLY REALLY NEED THE 7 FREAKING A'S and then there's you who just i have know clue or anything about you really i guess who are something where i have to forget, or maybe it's THE END for both of us at least you should tell me and i should not PUSH IT , cause i am getting really really pissed with you and you're freaking attitude so yeap i have said it ... IT'S DONE

Friday, August 15, 2008


Well thank goodness exams are already over.. i can watch THE O.C. and read my book and the besst part is Lee Chong Wei won the Semifinals match against Korea hehehhe .... keep it up !!! well yes now i am starring typing to all of you and yea watching the Olympics lol yes well that's all i have right now spending time downloading songs and yeap writing to you OH YEA I STILL DON'T HAVE THE BREAKING DAWN BOOK CRAP LAH!!! dad you have to buy it for me !!!!!! ok ok well that's the shortest post so far but i bet when i ma in the right state of mind i promise i would post longer and readable blogs.