Wednesday, March 5, 2008


HAHAHA well i know that i haven't been blogging lately ..... cause

No.1 : My com was lagging....

No.2: I was lazy

No.3: I have no topic to write about

WELL ..... since i got like scolding from maaada! lol

I decided to write about something and i think i found the perfect topic.... I think !!!! XD

Well i am sooooo addicted to music....!!!!

I mean i love music i can listen to it everyday.... in the car..... in the hospital...... in the i mean everywhere and yeap!

well to me music is like an's your bessst friend and where you can keep

secrets and it would be safe and sound...... and music has no faults...

it is powerful and amazing and fantastic and wonderful...

it's your friend when your down and when you sleep or when your scared!!!!

It actually helps you when you're down.... and moody or pissed of with somebody!!

*winks winks* .......!

wELL that about it then..... i will try and blog more later!