Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Well i know that it has already passed... but i would like to wish everybody that i didn't get a

chance to wish Happy Valentines Day. BuT I FEEL that Valentines day shouldn't just be spent

for one short period. It should be in your heart forever and it should grow to like a flower. Bit by

bit, ready to blossom and see the world. If we didn't have Love in our hearts, everytime but only

during this special day. Then how can we get Married? Or have A pARTNER? Or have

a Besst friend that you already have now.. if you didn't show you care for that person and

thought about HIM or HER, a LONG time ago.. Valentines Day to me is a rememberance, to

show that you still care for you r friends and love ones... by giving them gifts and goodies.. just to

show how you appreciate them for what they have done for you .... by letting everybody see it..

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Friends HUrt

WEll I know that as a start of a fresh new year i should start fresh, meet new friends keep old ones, and leave enemies behind.... But sometimes old wounds still do hurt and ache and sometimes you stay up in the middle of the night thinking of where you went wrong, and how do you have to leave your enemies and how you even ended up with some yourself ? Well sometimes you feel guitly, but why should you ? I mean i always ask myself this question... Your enemies don't ? so why should you put yourself threw this torture and misery and pain just because it happen to be involved with you and you happened to be the one getting hurt and it suddenly hurts soooo badly it makes you wanna cry... But sometimes you have friends along the way that were there when you were down and sad and lonely and comforted you all the way... Well i have ALOT of those friends and yea i just appreciate them for being there with me threw the mournings and the bitterness in life but sadly i just wanna say thank you to all these sweet people cause there deserve it BIG TIME. Michelle, Hazim, Eugene, Fei. I was there for them and now there are there for me !!! Well thanks alot guys... XD and how can i forget Ken- Ji hahahaha ... bullier XD