Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thank You Zimmy!

HAHA well did the top part!


COZ I don't really know what I'm doing

So yea..




was here to do touch ups

PS: You're welcome :)
PSS: Halloween was yesterday lar!
PSS: And yes I added in the bwahaha part


Sometimes life is a strange thing,

It pulls you up and down,

It doesn't seem to give you a straightforward answer,

Well some people just know when to hold on and how,

Some people are just afraid or scared of life,

So they just let go to fast and then give up,

-ZiM was here ! WOOTZ!

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Sunday, October 28, 2007


Well finally hazim now you get to see my lovely story about my favourite author.Well i will dare say that the author did an amazing job on all the three books which are TWILIGHT, NEW MOON, and ECLIPSE.Edward Cullen is my hero!! I won't mind getting married or even having a boyfriend as long as the lovely man in shiny marble amour was Edward.Well i think that might be way to far fetch but it is my fantasy and i love it!!Well my favourite characters are Alice Cullen, Jasper Cullen, Charlie, and Bella Swan. This book actually moved me AL OT Well i hate some of the characters, well not all of them are perfect you know. So i hate Jacob!! i just find him spoiling the plan. The character that sends me shivers is Victoria. The author writes SO well that i would actually cry if anything happened to Edward.Well that's all i have to say SO far.... about the book I will tell you what happens at the end and i won't want it to end so soon CHERIO-

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I love chocolates :)

Well i just have to say that i love chocolates. To me chocolates are made in heaven. When i eat every bite reminds me of heaven like eating a piece of it and it's melting in your mouth.Well i like anytype of chocolates that obviously taste good. Well i downloaded some pictures to send your mouth watering hahaha sooo ENJOY

Selamat Hari Raya

Hi all my malay friends!!!!!!
i liked to wish all of you all a happy hari raya ! and get alot of duit raya ah !
Well ermm i liked to wish daena, fawwaz, emir, zimmy, sophia, kamal, sani and many more !!! enjoy the ketupats and rendangs and alot more!!!!! :) Okay so to all my non-malay friends happy holidays and take care

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Monday, October 8, 2007


Well i love all of my friends but the first one i like to talk about is MICHELLE she is a very strong person at heart very kind and giving. BUt she can be very silly at sometimes and it annoys me and both of us altogether and at the end we all start laughing and i mean seriously laughing..... Well that's Michelle MYY funny great and exiciting friend that will always make me smile when i am down :)

Well my next friend is Chrisandra

Well Chrisandra is a very smart and funny loving person.
I mean she is a strong confident girl that beleives that anythin is possible ....But i know after she reads this thing she would totally disagree with me and i mean really disagree.Well she is there for me when i need her and can u imagine she understands chinese! i mean that is totally awesome XD

The next person is here right now because i have known her for quite a looooooong time

Well my other bessst friend is Jay Zee !XD

She is fantastic.She is preeeety annoying at times but i love her still. She has this power to be very energetic and strong. Well i have known her for 5 years and i think she is still the CRAZY PUMPKIN i know !.She is full of laughter and fun it's niceee hanging out with her... SHe can sometimes go through her silly moments but she is great.

The next person on my list is ALL IN ONE

THere are MARK, EN ZHEN, TIAN XI, KEN VYN, VINCENT, JEREMY AND LI BING there are just amazing guys that can make me a Michelle laugh alot They are just fantastic people and eventhough they dont' make that much of sense(all my friends dont' make any sense). they are still the cool people i like to hang out with.XD

The last people that i call my friends are....


tHEY are amazing !!!!
I love them soooo much
They are funny great silly fantastic
ATLEAST THEY ARE THE ONLY HUMANS IN THE CLASS that gets to stay up to listen to that OLD HAG Well hahaha that's all my friends take care god blesss and stay strong funny and THE WAY YOU ARE


Well hi everybody ! Well exams are already over. I wish all of my friends the best and you seee Emily Mah i did update my blog and Michelle thx for checking out my blog.You should have one to. But i know she would tell me that's she is lazy or somethin like that. Well alot of birthdays coming up!
XD well some of you'll would know what i mean.Well i really really am gonna update my blog now.... This is just the start of it all.. Well for now tatataatata my beloved my friends well maybe not that beloved well adious amigo

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!

Hi all you bloggers! XD Well firstly i would like to say is that there is ONE MORE DAY LEFT.But that day seems so very far.Well what are you other bloggers going to do doing the weekends or after the exams???Well i'm just gonna read, read and read . I love reading you can go into another world, a fantasy place, a dreamland ..... OK WAIT! back to you now.... Well i hope all of you have a great fantastic weekend. Eugene i hope you have that Exam over party!!!! that would be soooo awesome XD

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Well hi everybody again! Well besides dreadful exams! I would like to say more about LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean love is a very powerful thinggg that combines a male and femal together..... blah blah blah i feel that's all a bunch of trash and nonsense that really came from a garbage can ! Well the only person you should love is GOD and i mean seriously love GOD. So i think you should take my word of advice and use it because if you mess up on LOVE you can never ever return from where you have yea exactly point taken.....


Well haha exams what can i say ..... they are fun when you like to learn and study but difficult when you don't like to do those stuft. SO how was P.Moral Well from my opinion it was hard i mean really hard.... Well now i got to go and study again for Geografy Well good luck to you all and just remember it's just an exam YEAH RIGHT!