Friday, November 13, 2009


OK OK i know it's mean but it's just supeer funny geraldine was just tellling me how ermm this girl calls her bf BUM and the guy calls her BUM BUM omg weih.. And the other one WAS FROGGY and FISHY cause of BIO seriously i am looking at someone's profilleee and laughing at the fact they rather say these WORDS PEOPLE! than say hi hun ? or how's it going babe ? or hi sweetie ? WHT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU PEOPLE.It's not like i am disrespecting you guys i am just saying that it is great entertainment for me to read. At first i told Ryan then he didn't get it than after like a few minutes then he was like OH OH !! i get it -.-. I mean i was just telling Gee tht it's like i thought saying sweetie pie was cheesy. BUT I GUESS I FEEL MATURED NOW. OH OH then after diverting and laughing histeracally Gee was BLOGGIN about Brokeback Mountain. opps hope i spelt it rite !! Gee would kill hahhah. Yea then we were talking about how Heath Ledger is like amazing in the scene. NOW Gee and I are like debating on gay rights... but we will know who would win tht rite ?? THIS WAS HER SPEECH : No actually its NOT against the law of nature
Research has shown that even in nature, homosexuality exists
Almost EVERY SINGLE SPECIES of animal in the world, there has been occurrences of homosexuality
How can something that occur in nature itself be AGAINST nature?
nerissa says:
HAHAHAH but the research ddin't put humans
geelato! says:
Homosexuality may be uncommon in nature, but it is certainly not against nature. Then i said.. BUT

There were no research against humans were there ??

You dont need to research whether homosexuality occurs in humans, it just does.
And actually, YES, they did try to research why homosexuality exist
But so far nobody has been able to come up with an answer
BTW, that's a nice hairstyle
I think it'd look nice on you

I asked her... cause i want to change my hairstyle HhhHAHAHAH

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