Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Hi you guys so finally updating my blog after a zillion years of no exixtence :) sorrry yall hahah ermm exams just finish today but i didn't feel anything i was DEAD i think... tooo tired to feel. Well i can't wait for the run on thurs and fri ahhahaha ermm yea NEED TO LOOSE WEIGHT .. hehehe. NIke wei OMGOSH and and and i want tht shirt wei .. haiz. well yea i will uploading pictures sooooooooooooooooon i think nw.. OH OH OH AND MY CBOX IS A POP UP SO YEAP DOUBLE CLIK ON IT haiz... michelle's birthday party pictures will be up SOON. Anways life's been ok i guess really i feel single and free and yea it 's alright.. OH OH OH listen to Kristinia Debarge she's quite amazing i guess her beats rock..oh oh and i started to have cravings for Friends and Everybody Loveessss Raymond... and oh oh Mcdreamy and Mcsteamy came back to STARWORLD heh.

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