Sunday, April 10, 2011


Well i think this has been my post in 3 years. YES my blog has been woken from it's peaceful slumber, thanks to my beloved BEST FRIENDS jimmy toh and pei yinn :)


My friends seeem to like quietness and serenity than noise pollution. But actually there is no such thing as peacefulness. Well unless you are in heaven :) if you think of it really carefully. Noise is everywhere. It's just what type of noise you like that defines you as a person. To me noise can be a playing of a piano, or the rush of the ocean waves. My friends noise could be the cool night breeze, and sound of insects, *crickets*. So i don't' think there is such thing as peaceful-nees, unless your sleeping. LOL. The reason i love noise is that it makes you appreciate your ears more, and it makes you think of how busy the world can be. Don't you think it's strange.. there is so much of noise but everyone is not distracted..? Noise makes me not feel sad and makes me hear the sweet sounds of my friends voices and vibration of my hand phone :)
Is a scary place where no one should visit. I mean i think quiet are for people who are mentally re tarted. Why be in a quiet place when there's so much of laughter, fun, and tears you are missing out. If it was soo quiet you wouldn't be the person you are today. :) IF NOT FOR NOISE. You wouldn't hear me :)

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